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Fun Facts

My Name 

Even though my name is Sari,

it’s pronounced “Shar—ee.”

In the Hungarian language, the letter “s” sounds like “sh.”

Sari Bodi in Hungarian costume

Where I’ve lived

I was born in Wisconsin,

but grew up on Long Island,

and have lived in London.



So I’ve lived in the Badger State, the Empire State,

and now the Nutmeg State. And jolly ole England!

Now I live in Connecticut.





Sari Bodi
Sari Bodi as Lucy in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.


I was once in in an opera.

Here I am with my brother and sister, and friends in Tosca, performed at the Brooklyn Museum.


I’m the one smiling. My sister

is the unhappiest one there.

I always liked to sing. My mom played the piano and my two sisters and I would sing Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals like Oklahoma! In college at the University of Vermont, I played Lucy in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. Probably one of the few blonde Lucy’s ever cast!!!


I enjoyed writing comedy both for BBC Radio in London, and for a comedy cable show in New York City called Videosyncracies. Here I’m pictured with our resident puppet Sid Ogrestein.

Sari Bodi and puppet Sid Ogrestein.


I like playing sports like tennis and paddle tennis When I lived in New York City, I played on a soccer team called the Budweiser Eagles


Sari Bodi getting ready for Vogue
Sari Bodi and the Budweiser Eagles

As part of a promotional campaign for a posh hair salon, all the girls on the team got makeovers. Believe it or not, several of us ended up in a photo in Vogue magazine.

American History

I've always been fascinated by American history and worked for a magazine called Americana.


As a kid, I named our hamsters Barry and Lyndon after Barry Goldwater and Lyndon Johnson who ran against each other for the presidency. It turned out they weren’t both boy hamsters, and we had hamster litters for years.





Recently I had the great honor of meeting President Bill Clinton.

Sari Bodi with President Bill Clinton

My Family

My daughter likes to draw.

Here’s a picture she drew of herself at Christmas-time.


She also illustrated an article she wrote for Discovery Girls magazine about her trip to her birth country, China.






I live in Connecticut with my husband and our two children and a dog who was born in Ireland.







Sari's dog Eolas
Ming self portrait
China: My Birth Home
China: My Birth Home

My son is a really good athlete and singer, and has a great sense of humor.

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